Operating Room Surgical Led Light

  • Operating Room Surgical Led Light
  • Operating Room Surgical Led Light
  • Operating Room Surgical Led Light
Operating Room Surgical Led Light
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Operating Room Surgical Led Light - cold light source has no infrared radiation, with radiator and excellent heat dissipation effect;
LED SURGICAL LIGHT specific color rendering index is more than 90, which makes the tissue of human body more lifelike and clear under the light of shadowless lamp;
Operating room lights has deep lighting function, good chip heat dissipation, and ensures the LED lamp bead life up to 100000 hours.

HW-LED-5+5 Operating Room Surgical Led Light


HW-LED Series Operating Room Surgical Led Light is a new generation of LED surgical Light.

Surgical light can be applied to various large and medium-sized operations in various operating rooms. 

And the human tissue in the shadowless lamp lighting more realistic.


  • The color temperature of operating room light can be adjusted from 4000K - 5000K. The doctor can adjust the color temperature according their own requirements.

  • The specific color rendering index R9 for surgical light reaches above 90, which makes the human tissue more lifelike and clear under the illumination of shadowless lamp.

  • The spot diameter is adjusted between 110mm and 230mm, Color LCD touch screen is more convenient and flexible.

  • High uniformity of light quality, clear edge, reduced color difference in the spot, which helps doctors reduce the visual fatigue.

  • The illumination adjustment range is large, which is suitable for the lighting requirements of various kinds of surgery.

  • LED surgical light has the function of deep illumination, and its advantages are more prominent in various operations requiring deep cavity lighting.

  • High luminous efficiency, soft light without glare.

  • The chip has good heat dissipation, which guarantees the life of LED lamp bead up to 100000 hours.

Technical Parameter:

Illumination (Lux):160,000160,000
Color Temperature (Kelvin):4000-5000
Color Rendering Index (CRI):≥93≥93
Red Reduction Index (Ra):≥93≥93
Operator's Head Temperature Rise(℃):
Surgical Field Temperature Rise (℃):≤2≤2
Effecive Working Depth of Focus(mm):≥120≥120
Spot Size Adjustment Range (cm):14cm ≤ D ≤ 25cm14cm ≤ D ≤ 25cm
Average Life of Light Bulb (h):100,000
Bulb Power (W):
Power Input:100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Min Installation Height (mm):2700mm2700mm

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