Why choosing carbon fiber skull clamp during neurosurgery?


Why choosing carbon fiber skull clamp during neurosurgery?

In neurosurgery and spinal surgery, the head rest not only needs to fix and stretch the head, 

but also can be used for CT, DSA, X-ray and fluoroscopy of the head and cervical spine. 

Therefore, the head frame need to be made of carbon fiber composite materials, which has a good simultaneous effect and is easy to operate.

The product HW-026 Imaging Radiolucent Carbon Fibre Skull Clamcan meet all the requirements of such surgery.


  • It is made of all carbon fiber material and is carved to meet the requirement of full X-ray transmission during operation.

  • Applicable operating table side rail spacing: 400-630 mm 

  • It is convenient for DSA, large C-arm, O-arm, MRI and other imaging equipment, as well as routine neurosurgery. 
  • Three pin design 
  • The head clamp has a pressure display of 0-80lbs, and 90 ° locking technology on both sides is convenient and fast to fix the head nail.
  • One set of titanium alloy head nails for adults and children.

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