How to use Operating table orthopedic traction frame?


Orthopedic traction frame is a widely used Knee surgery orthopedic extension devices.

Stainless steel floor traction frame is a hot sale Orthopedic operating table accessory, which is easy to operate and use.

But do you know how to use it?

orthopedic traction frame

Today let us discuss about it.

1) Move the orthopedic traction frame to connect it to the operating table

2) Adjust the appropriate height of the hip bracket and the operating table

3) Tighten the angle adjustment screw of the hip bracket.

4) Loosen the fixing screws of the leg bracket and move the bracket back and forth along the slide rail to reach the desired position for the patient

5) Loosen the leg bracket height adjustment screw and adjust the leg bracket to the desired height position

5) Loosen the screws of the foot bracket, rotate the left and right, up and down angles of the leg bracket, and make adjustments such as raising or lowering, moving back and forth, and then lock the screws of the foot bracket.

6) During the surgery, the patient's feet are first fixed in the foot shoe covers. When traction positioning is required for the patient's lower limbs in the upright, lateral, and inner and outer stands, the traction handwheel can be rotated clockwise to obtain traction. After the surgery is completed and the positioning is accurate, the patient's lower limbs can be relaxed by counterclockwise movement of the traction handwheel.

7) After the surgery is completed, loosen the base fixing screws and move the casters to relax and move the orthopedic traction frame away from the operating table (bed).


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