Chinese Manufacturer Electric Delivery Bed Gynecology Table


HW-502-A Electric Delivery Bed Gynecology Table is developed and designed according to the principle of ergonomics, which can adjust the angle of the delivery bed according to the actual situation, and meet the requirements of various postures such as delivery, examination, diagnosis and emergency abdominal delivery in various gynecology and obstetrics departments. Gynecology table a bed for gynecology and obstetrics departments in various hospitals.

Gynecology Table

Advantages and features:

*The overall appearance is beautiful and with various functions. The adjustment of the bed elevation, the back plate and the front / back tilt of the bed can only be adjusted by pressing the controller or the foot controller;

*The production bed is driven by electric system, with good quality, low noise and durability;

*The built-in auxiliary platform does not occupy space, and it is extremely convenient to draw out or contract, and has the pneumatic lifting function;

*The stainless steel frame design provide stability and bright appearance, which is more convenient for cleaning and disinfection;

*The mattress adopts the streamlined design of the human body, and the soft elasticity gives incomparable comfort to the patient. It is made of medical polyurethane, and the mold is integrally formed. The surface is seamless, antibacterial and can be directly cleaned with cleaning liquid;

*The base is equipped with casters for convenient bed;

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