2024 New Arrival Operating Table


2024 New Design Operating Table

An electric operating table is a versatile medical equipment used in hospitals and surgical centers for various procedures. 

2024 New operating room table is designed to provide comfort and stability for patients during surgeries, while also allowing healthcare professionals to easily adjust the table's position and height.

2024, HENGWEI Technology launched a new high configuration 503E product. 

Special features:

  • Double control system - Hand remote & Column mounted.

  • Zero position 

  • Three memory key

  • Stainless steel base with 125mm castor with central brake system.

Optional function: 

  • Carbon fiber material tabletop

  • Head section & Leg section are interchangeable

  • X-ray tunnel under the base

  • Built-in battery

The 503E high configuration operating table can not only be used for nomarl operation, but also its a good orthopaedic ot table.

The c arm operating table has 300mm sliding movement function, which c arm operating table is to better cooperate with the needs of fluoroscopy in orthopedic surgeries

In orthopedic surgery, orthopedic traction is often encountered. HENGWEI provide professional Carbon fiber hanging traction frame that meets the needs of orthopedic surgery. After the orthopedic traction frame is connected, the traction device can be adjusted to achieve fracture reduction, allowing patients to easily perform under the perspective of the C-arm and not easily change their position. Electric C arm operating table can meet the imaging needs of different heights such as front view and side view during surgery.

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